We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading bunker brokers, supply vessels offshore Malta or inside the port of Valletta.

Bunkering operations take place in various areas around Malta. Vessels will be allocated a relevant area by the Port Authority upon arrival depending on weather conditions.

We represent a number of bunker suppliers and international brokers and therefore we are able to offer a quality service of MGO supplies.

We can also provide launch services for offshore calls for crew changes, surveys, spares delivery, repairs etc. should you require these services as well.


Renowned for its Yokohama fenders, Fendercare Marine has developed into the pre-eminent supplier of marine equipment and services throughout the world. Fendercare Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine equipment and services and are uniquely placed to provide effective solutions for any business involved in ships or the sea.

Quality of manufacture, innovative designs and efficient service are the hallmarks of all Fendercare Marine products and operations. Customers are served by an extensive, established worldwide network of supply bases which bring local knowledge to our product and service development.

Fendercare Marine was born in 1995 with the aim of offering STS service provision wherever the market demanded. Initially, fully equipped bases for handling any size of vessel were established in European, Arabian Gulf and Asia Pacific locations.

As clients recognised the trading opportunities and logistic benefits in being able to transfer cargoes at any time and almost anywhere, the support network grew and soon became a global entity.

The strategy today remains true to the original aims – where the customer identifies a regular requirement for STS, Fendercare will endeavour to identify a safe location, establish a base and provide the high standards of expertise, equipment and support for which we are famed.

Calpac Traders and Fendercare Marine have been working together since 2009, providing onshore support and co-ordinating STS operations with local agents and service providers in order to assist clients in having a swift and safe turnaround of operations.

It is a successful symbiosis where all parties work together smoothly.


Vessel registration under the Malta flag and the operation of Maltese ships is regulated by the Merchant Shipping Act. All type of vessels from pleasure yachts to oilrigs may be registered provided that inter-alia they are wholly owned by Maltese citizens or Maltese bodies corporate.

Calpac Traders Ltd. has a vast experience in this respect having registered a substantial amount of tonnage under the Malta flag after registering Maltese Limited Liability companies for this purpose. The formation of a Maltese company is a straightforward operation and the vessel can then be registered provisionally for six months (extendible to one year) during which period all documentation must be finalised.

The requirements for provisional registration are:

  • An application for registration by the owner or an authorised representative
  • An application for a change of name, if required
  • A copy of the ships International Tonnage Certificate
  • Proof of qualification to own a Maltese ship; in the case of a body corporate, the memorandum and articles of association
  • A declaration of ownership made before the Registrar by the owner or an authorised representative
  • Evidence of seaworthiness; in the case of trading vessels, confirmation of class
  • Payment of initial and annual registration fees

The following documents must be submitted during provisional registration:

  • A builder’s certificate if vessel has not been registered elsewhere; otherwise, a bill of sale or any other document by which the vessel was transferred to the applicant for registry;
  • A cancellation of registry certificate from the last country of registry, showing vessel to be free from encumbrances or otherwise;
  • A certificate of survey and a copy of the tonnage certificate certifying that the vessel has been surveyed in accordance with Maltese regulations;
  • Evidence that the vessel has been marked in accordance with the law;
  • At least one crew list accompanied by photocopies of the officer’s certificates.